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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 2, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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domestic policy, expect to hear a lot about jobs, health care. >> the issues americans care most about. >> stay tuned. keep it here on abc for everything post debate coveragewise. a new report puts a price tag on what americans face if congress and the white house cannot reach a dl to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff biened of the year. the tax policy center says taxes for almost 90%, 90% will go up by average of $3,500 with increases half a trillion dollars. automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts would kick in if the country goes over the fiscal cliff. that is significant. look at some numbers. just, throw out numbers look that. doesn't really, doesn't really relate. can't put your mind around it. a married couple with two kids income of $100,000 would pay more, $6,000 more. and then, if some of the child deductions, obama's payroll tax
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cut, isn't renewed, you won the get tax breaks for each child as well. >> stiffest increases in the history. a big deal. we got to this point because of the super committee, bipartisan committee, did not get the job done. did not come up with a deal. this is what will trigger the fiscal cliff by the end of this year. so, no matter what happens november 6th. they got to get this done before 2013 gets here. >> you got to think they're going to. >> another showdown. the tenth time. >> we need one. >> moving on this morning. another major credit card company is going to pay up to seattle, to settle claims of illegal practices. american express will refund $85 million to 250,000 customers out there. and amex accused of violating federal laws in marketing and billing. the company will pay $27.5 million in fines. similar claims, were settled with capital one and discover. well a decorated philadelphia police officer is facing brutality charges after punching a woman attending a
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parade. the confrontation was captured on video sunday. it is going to happen on the left side of the screen. after the puerto rican day parade. the lieutenant seen on video hitting the mother of three so far in the face, it knock herd to the ground and left her bleeding. >> this happened, somebody hit me. and that's it. >> i'm not so sure the level of force that he used was appropriate for the situation. but again, that is yet to be determined. and they will do a full investigation. >> well, anna guzman was cited for disorderly conduct for throwing beer. the video apparently shows it was thrown by the man behind her. lieutenant josie has been with the force for nearly 20 years. now on administrative duty. still, even if she had, there is really no excuse for, for, for that sort of retaliation. >> hard to watch. hopefully get to the bottom of what happened there. man. some stories you just can't make up.
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here is one of them. a teacher here in new york is basically bringing assault accusations against a 6-year-old child. 27-year-old john webster is a 220-pound former college football player. he says he could not control the 50-pou child during an incident this past school year. >> he spun around, belted me right directlien my right knee. i was trying to move back away, by the stairs, so i heard a big pop, to my knee, at that point. >> webster also says the child fractured his ankle and that the incident forced him to see a psychiatrist. on top of that he says his doctor told him not to work for several monthsai new york dicht education doctor says he should be back in school now. in philadelphia, a 10-year-old is under arrest accused of stealing a van, and then taking it for a joy ride. the boy didn't get very far before the van slammed into a loon line of parked cars crunching them together. he tried to make a run for it
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stopped by a passer-by. the boy grabbed the keys from the rear door and sped off while the crew was unloading furniture. >> i think he should be grounded maybe. >> i think a little more than that. now to a medical headline that really hits home. especially at this hour when so many insomniacs are watching. researchers say sleep deprivation impacts 10% of americans on a chronic basis. insomniacs admit sleep problems lead to mistakes. researchers estimate errors linked to insomnia cost $32,000 per incident. that's why you and i have cost abc billions in just our first ten months working together. >> yeah, more than 7% of work place errors can be blamed on insomnia. in my case, maybe like 75%. >> i feel your pain today. you were in baltimore. i was in new orleans. coming off a men kninivacation.
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it's tough. >> just not as young as i used to be. your tuesday forecast, everybody, on and off showers. thunderstorms from the carolinas to miami. around cleveland, pittsburgh, lexington. indian summer, northern plains, to the great lakes. record heaten the southwest. >> triple digit day in phoenix. meanwhile, 90s from l.a. to sacramento. 80s in the rockies, across the south. 70s from kansas city to men an his. a unique birr the day celebration in south florida last weekend. we wish a happy belated 100th birthday to joseph katz, has the crown on and long-time friend, al spiegle. >> when we say long time, we mean a really long time. joe and al grew up together here in new york before ending living up close to each other in the sunshine state. they have been friend for 91 years. >> i love this. >> i love this story. >> conventional wisdom from katz, quote, when the good lord gives you a body, use it, don't abuse it and you will live to
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100. he obviously didn't go to new orleans or baltimore over the weekend. [ laughter ] >> great. i love the friendship. >> awesome. the older you get the more you value friend who knew you in the day, growing up, that sort of thing. really cool. keep on ticking, fellows. >> i was with my college girlfriend. known each other for 20 years. coming up next, money, fame, and glamour, a look inside taylor swift's sweet musical success. >> and crashing a plane on purpose with no passengers on board. what this test can teach us all the next time we fly. we'll tell you all about it on "world news now." ♪ ♪ ♪ crash too me ♪ crash into me >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. we have seen the car tests, with crash test dummies, designed to give us an idea how safe certain cars are. >> now a ground breaking crash test that will teach us more about the safety of airplanes. as neal karlinsky reports it also could teach us how to survive. >> reporter: a boeing 727 over the mexican desert speeding toward the ground at 2,000 feet per minute. and the flight crew just bailed out a hatch in the back with parachut parachutes. left behind on board, the passengers, more than $500,000 worth of crash test dummies along with 3 specialized high-speed cameras and sensors imbedded in the frame all
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hurdling towards every flier's ultimate terror, a sudden, horrifying crash. this stunning made to order catastrophe was done for the discovery channel show "curiosity plane crash." all to better understand what really happens to people on board. >> we'll see maybe a broken ankle. >> reporter: injury biomechanics expert, dr. cindy burr says the crash dummies tell the story. bracing for impact could save your life. what should you do? >> head down, hand over. >> hand over your head. >> just hold it. >> reporter: that works? >> well, yeah, it does. >> reporter: the results show that passengers near the front took the brunt of it. rows 7 and forward were considered fatal. the forces were substantially less in the middle. and much less in the rear of the plane. though to dr. burr's surprise many of the seatbelted passengers who didn't bend over to brace had spinal injuries from jerking forward in their
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lap belts. >> a pretty severe impact. >> reporter: she showed us something else in her lab, a sim lated mother holding an infant on her lap, a familiar money saver for parents everywhere. after a relatively minor impact, the mother can't hold on. another critical tip, generally sitting within five rows of an exit gives the passeng the best os. because getting out fast is key. lessons from an aviation disaster that may actually save lives. neal karlinsky, abc news, detroit. back of the plane, safest place to be. people complain. i've don't want to be near the bathroom. i would rather be alivened of the day if something goes wrong. >> your chances according to worldwide data dying in a plane crash in a fully developed country, one in 14 million. >> i will take those odds. i will take the odds. amazing video. something to think about next time in the airport. look at that. >> taylor swift. right?
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>> coming up next after the break. stay with us everybody.
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taylor swift is one of the hottest young stars on the planet. >> the 22-year-old singer hold the record for the most top ten debut in history of billboard. swift sat down with abc's cynthia mcfadden to talk money, fame, love and of course her new album. ♪ with me ♪ you belong with me >> reporter: she sings of young love and loss. ♪ i'm wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts ♪ >> reporter: she sold more than 22 million albums. won six grammys. >> thank you, thank you, thank you! >> reporter: all at the ripe old age of 22. >> welcome to nashville. it is a little steamy. rancheros when i caught up with
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taylor swift, she was in the middle of shooting her third cover for "glamour" magazine. >> i would wear anything they asked me. >> reporter: you are very compliant for a person -- you are very organized. >> you pick your battles. fighting a neon top not a hill i want to die on. >> reporter: in person, she is indeed a charming mixture of accomplished professional and somewhat giddy kid. >> and this is my favorite thing as well as this. >> i love it. >> reporter: those are the two things the real taylor swift would use these. >> i am for real going to steal them for sure. >> reporter: she may be the most successful singer/songwriter of her generation. you are the number one earning star, 30 years old or younger. beating just ton bieber. >> some one told me that. >> reporter: reportedly $56 million last year. >> that's a lot. >> reporter: does it feel a little intimidating some times
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or not? >> what part of it? >> reporter: it's big. >> it just doesn't feel that, it doesn't feel like a weight. >> reporter: in fact she is very much in charge when it comes to her career. she has a new album coming out later this month. the first track has already set records. and gone to number one. ♪ we are never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ ♪ we >> reporter: rolling stone said she is one of the few genuine rock stars we have got these days with a flawless ear for what makes a song click. >> when did they say that? >> reporter: june. >> they said that? >> they did. >> recently too. wow. >> reporter: you are not blase. >> i try to be sometimes. it is hard when you get excited about stuff. >> reporter: there is a lot to be excite ad about these days. >> i love that she actually gets excited about it doesn't take it for granted like a lot of the pop stars. >> amen to that.
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welcome back, everybody, to "the mix" here. we have seen all the stories the last couple months about the bears are kind of wandering into people's homes, yards, up in trees. searching for food. getting to that team of the year. one woman, the story, decided when the bear came to her porch, there was bird feed, she wanted to tackle the creature, and scare smoky back. take a listen to the video. this is the bear making its way. >> the bear is here. >> the size of that thing. making his way to the porch. the woman, you hear in a second. is going to come out and start
2:56 am
screaming her lungs out at the bear. you will be surprised. >> right now! go! no! no! get down! [ laughter ] >> see! >> see there was bears, mama grisly. she was not playing. she talked the bear down off the porch. love it. >> that's the new black bear repellent. mama bear. >> talk the bear out of it. i like it. >> from bears to bras. bras can be a bit of a bear. bras, women. how about that? >> deng. >> i'm on my game. still don't have a bra that fits. this is something that plagues every woman. they're saying vanity sizing is still going on. basically, they tell you what size you want, like i want to think i am a d, like a negative a, having two kids. still happening. they say to truly measure your size, measure your rib cage, add 3 inches. then measure the fullest part of
2:57 am
your breast. kind of hard to fiend. >> the fullest part of your breast. >> right here. minus your, minus your rib cage. this is a 1. you are an a cup. that would be me. yeah. so a couple tips too. start wearing your bra on the loosest hook and tighten it as you wear it more. if you need to tighten it, it's time for a new bra. >> is the gist, women buy ill-fitting bras because the labelling system is messed up. >> vanity sizing. people are leading us astray. that's huh to appropriately measure yourself. and from bras to squatting. >> no. >> you can take a mag zazine, a read, it's bad for you. hemorrhoids. >> from sitting. >> the guy is coming up with the new device, squatty potty, fits the base of the toilet makes it easier to squat instead of sit on the john.
2:58 am
that's how they do it in uncivilized countries. >> pop the squat.
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this morning on "world news now" -- flight fright. the feds investigate another case of defective airline passenger seats. >> the passengers fears as their seats became detached forcing the crew to take drastic action. it is tuesday, october 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." what was that again? >> back in the saddle. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we will get to the federal investigation into american airlines in just a moment. then the first presidential debat of this campaign is tomorrow in denver, how mitt romney and president barack obama are preparing as they count down the hours to tomorrow
3:01 am
night. 90 minutes of drama should we say. >> not to mention, want to be a fly in the room, listening to the prep. if he says this, you say this. stand like this. talk like that. the prep must be fascinating behind the scenes. >> would love to hear the commentary as they're looking at their appropriate in previous debates. just the things they would say about them. >> political theater in full effect tomorrow night. a health concern near and dear to our insomniac viewers, this is for sure, we'll bring you new, pretty eye-opening research into teens who are sleep deprived. something we can relate to especially coming off a little miniweekend vacation. >> basically anything positive out of sleep deprivation. >> the news is never good for our life expectancy on the shift. >> this is kind of good. extreme eats, ordinary foods with an extreme edge. i will introduce you to guys making pickles like nobody else's business.
3:02 am
hey, insomniacs, paula here with al, the pickle pro. we are making pickles because there is nothing you can't pickle. all coming up. really. >> there is nothing you can't pickle. >> pickle ervianything. we can pickle you. >> i feel pickled. you had a good time on the pickle shoot >> i did. >> some changes to the set. diane sawyer, changed the set around. in case you notice something different. back in the saddle. >> it is good to be here. >> here we go again. federal investigators are taking a close look at american airlines after not one, but two instances of seats coming loose right there on the plane. >> passengers are describing the frightening moment and the airline locked in a builter labor dispute has taken some planes out of service until they can be checked. abc's jim avila has more.
3:03 am
>> reporter: no one can remember this happening before, not passengers, so rattled they didn't want to be identified. >> the seats flipped backwards and so -- people were -- essentially on the laps of the passengers behind them with, with their legs up in the air. >> reporter: not aviation experts. >> i have never seen anything like that in all my years, 30 years of covering the airline industry. >> reporter: no one can remember airline seats disconnecting from the cabin floor. now it happen twice in three days abrd two american airlines 757s. >> during climb out, rows, passenger seats row 12, d, e, f, came loose. >> reporter: flight 685, boston to miami diverted in mid flight declaring an emergency, landing at jfk in new york because a row of seats had disengaged from its rails. on a nearly full flight. one of the displaced passengers is moved to the flight
3:04 am
attendant's jump seat. fearing turbulence en route, the captain decides to land before the loose row becomes an in flight missile. >> we don't want that thing flying around and hurting the passengers behind us. the seat is loose and can rotate quickly. >> reporter: second flight from jfk this time to miami turned back after take off, because of loose seats. elevating american's struggles from inconvene yns to safety concerns. >> i think it could be sabotage, or it could be sloppiness. but, either way, it's kind of a disaster for the airline. >> reporter: american is in the middle of a labor disputt with unions including maintenance workers but insists despite earlier claims that the 97% increase in maintenance delays in september were deliberate work actions, american claims this is different. and anyone that says the disconnected seats are a deliberate act are irresponsible and outrageous. the unions deny any work
3:05 am
actions. the faa says it is investigating. american airlines says it grounded eight of the 757s to inspect them before they fli again. jim avila, abc news, new york. when you look at the story you, hope there is not some kind of connection between the labor disputt and this sudden, you know, uptick, of maintenance issues. kind of crazy. two, in just a few, short number of days. that is crazy. >> an airline spokesman says there is no correlation. not just the two. they went in inspected two planes in question, they found other seats were loose as well. according to maintenance reports, preliminary information indicates both aircraft had undergone maintenance during which the seats had been removed and reinstalled including those twairplanes. >> wow. maybe the only bright side the folks in the front had more leg room. silver lining. kind of scary. moving on this morning, the supreme court has dealt a legal
3:06 am
defeat to a florida man trying to challenge the tsa's full body scanners and enhancedat downs. on the first day of the new session, justices said they would not hear an appeal brought by jonathan corbitt he has a blog, tsa out of our pants. claims that it violates 4th amendment protection against unreasonable searches. a new warning many americans face one of the steepest tax hikes in history if congress and the white house cannot reach a deal to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. at the end of the year. the tax approximately see center says taxes for almost 90% of households will go up by an average of 3,500 bucks with increases totaling more than half a trillion dollars. the fiscal cliff scenario would see automatic tax increases along with very deep cuts to spending. >> yeah, hope we don't go over that cliff. the final full day of debate prep for the two presidential candidates. the president is behind closed doors at a desert retreat, 20
3:07 am
miles from las vegas. earlier mr. obama delivered pizza to a campaign office. we are told the often verbose president is working on making his debate answers, shorter, more succinct. they have two minutes to react. mitt romney took a brief work from prep work to rally supporters in ten ver. told the crowd of thousand. the debats are about something bigger than who wins. romney and his debate partner, ohio senator, rob portman will spend the day working on last minute details. former bronco quarterback john elway announced his support for romney. and now, a major medical headline this morning. internet addiction is now a step closer to being recognized as a serious illness. the world's top sigh kol jilss now recommend further study into internet and technology addiction so it can be formally classified as get this is a mental illness. researchers say children who are addicted to video games, are much more at risk for depression and anxiety. the problem goes beyond video
3:08 am
gaming and formal studies should take place next year. that brings us to our facebook question of the day -- how do you know when you have been overdoing it online and what do you do to control yourself? let us know at i can say from personal experience, personal experience this one to my left -- may want to look into this. you are like a total twitter-aholic here. >> tweeting during the show. i look to keep people engaged. >> we appreciate that. >> call it a mental illness. i am addicted. i think i have major adhd. i just tune everybody out. >> no argument from this corner of the room. >> i will post that photo. obviously the calendar has turned to october. it is national breast cancer awareness month. that means, lots and lots of pink. >> indeed. pink as in pink lights illuminating the white house you can see right there. the pink of course the color of breast cancer awareness. and fund-raising movements.
3:09 am
cool hue for a good cause over the white house. >> white house look good in pink. they also bathed england any most famous home in pin pick, buckingham palace in london all lit up as britain's breast cancer-cam campaign got under way. the palace one of nine famous landmarks lit up in pink, the others tower of london and trafalgar square, cool to see. everyone on the same page. very cool. >> according to american cancer society estimated 230,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer just last year alone. >> wow. numbers are pretty staggering. >> getting closer and closer every year. >> pink means something, that's for sure. coming up next, the health hazard, kids may face when they don't get enough sleep. >> later, extreme pickles. forget about ordinary cucumbers. turn anything into a pickle. we are going to turn rob into a
3:10 am
pickle. coming up on "world news now." ♪ i like pickles won't you give me a pickle ones sliced ones kosher ones i'll eat pickles however they come ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift. ♪ won't you give me a pickle 3q
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♪ sweet dreams are made of these who am i to disagree ♪ ♪ i travel the world and the seven seas ♪ >> timeless song. eurythmics. >> remind you of your teenage years? how long ago was that for both us? >> 30 years. >> teenagers are busy people between school, active social lives, sports and sometimes part time jobs, many are just not getting enough sleep. >> a new study shows they can pay a big price for that. abc's senior medical contributor, dr. tim johnson has more. >> reporter: almost 20% of u.s. adolescents have trouble sleeping or are sleep deprived. a studien the canadian medical association journal looked at more than 4,000 adolescents. those who had trouble sleeping had a hyigher body mass index, larger waist size, highe cholesterol and blood pressure.
3:15 am
those who just didn't get enough sleep had higher body mass index and larger waist size. a high sleep disturbance score was associated with higher consumption of fried food, soft drinks sweets and snacks. the authors conclude poor sleep hygiene amongst adolescents appears to be associated with increased cardiovascular risk and they say improving sleep hygiene earlien life may be important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease later in life. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> wow. >> how do you feel about our job right now? >> great. >> scary. >> i feel great about it. >> every story we do about sleep deprivation freaks me out? >> i can survive on five hours a night. teens need nine hours. ironically the school day, done a lot ofresearch, a teen's normal bio rhythms are late at night, into the early hours of the morning. so teens should be watching our
3:16 am
show. they want to sleep in goes against the natural school day. >> who gets nine hours in this world? i don't think any body gets nine hours. >> if you do we are jealous. please. >> we are jealous. the debut of our new series this week "extreme eats." >> doing a couple things we lack to do post. eating pickles. i learned how to make a perfect pickle. >> a great tease on many levels, paula. >> yeah, i am going to eat one too.
3:17 am
♪ pickles pickles i like pickles ♪ >> don't you know they make my tummy. >> never heard that song before. all right. well, good pick, guys. well, who doesn't like a pickle? let's just be, honest here. the crispy, tasty treat as paula
3:18 am
found out can be made out of just about anything. >> we are talking about pickles. i wanted to bring one in for you, i know how much you like to put your mouth around a pickle. we think you are going to love extreme eats. basing foods taken to a whole another level. hey, insomniacs, paula here with the pickle guy. this is al. al will show house to make pickles. is there anything we can't pickle? >> you can pickle anything. i will show you how. >> can you pickle me? >> i have a barrel big enough for you. >> he may pickle you. we'll go next door. >> the only thing that makes the difference in the pickles is the amount of time they're aged for. the pickle recipe the same since 1910 when the immigrants came to the country they brought their family recipe over here. the same recipe. it ha not been changed. customers come in. oh, this guy wants pickles.
3:19 am
he wants them. it's kind of cool. >> people actually request, pickles with warts? >> people want one with bulbs, large ones, small ones. people want to make sure they're nice and straight. >> what type of gal am i? >> you said you like the clean one. >> leaning towards the hot. you look a little on the hot side. >> i like things a little hot. >> i can tell. >> if you can take a pickle. bend it end to end without it snapping, without it snapping, it's not a good pickle. you want it to snap. >> i don't want you to waste that. i will try it. >> mm. >> hear the crunch? >> uh-huh. that was good. >> okay, al, i am ready to make pickles. show me how this is done. >> this is a good thing. what we have here, a barrel of walte water. >> just water. >> what we'll add, salt. pour the salt in. >> i found a new calling in
3:20 am
life. >> now the type of cucumbers we buy are kirby cucumbers. the reason we use them, very little seeds and ape l lot of m. we will take the cucumbers. got it. >> yeah, pour them all in. are we going to put all of these in there? >> all of these go into the one barrel. ♪ and one scoop of garlic. >> okay. >> and now -- we get to the spices. >> how much. >> one whole scoop of spices. corriander seed, bay leaf, dried pepper corn. mustard seeds. juniper berries. >> sprinkle it all in. >> throw it right in. >> this smells amazing. >> beautiful, right? >> boughtful. >> the brine we made, salt water. take that and pour it in there. >> just pour it in.
3:21 am
>> oh, splash. ooh, that is salty. >> see how they're floating? >> floating. >> you have made a baerrel of pickles. >> didn't have to mix them up? >> no. leave them like that. take the inner. place that in there. keeps the cucumbers submerged underneath the brine. put the cover on. just look that. put that in the fridge. and tomorrow it will be ready for sale. >> ier in a pickle. showed me. >> you looked right at home, paula with all the pickles. >> i love a good pickle. splashed all over me, juice. >> got some in your eye. awful. >> and they're low calorie, only 7 calories. [ laughter ] the pickle guys, they ship nationally. if any of you want some -- >> amazing.
3:22 am
>> oh. >> i didn't know that. like the crunchier the less they have been soaking in that. >> very cool. tomorrow the series continue thousands. i will have a look at meatballs. pickles. meatballs. had a complete set. 3q
3:23 am
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♪ cross my heart and i hope to die ♪ ♪ that i only stay with you one more night ♪ ♪ and i know i have said it a million times ♪ ♪ but i only stay with you one more night ♪ i try to tell you no ♪ welcome back a northern michigan high school student the victim of a cruel joke had the last laugh over the weekend. this one is our "favorite story of the day." >> you are about to see why. whitney was tricked into thinking she had been nominated for homecoming queen.
3:26 am
rather than hang her head, whitney set an example how to put bullies in their place. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: for whitney krupp this moment was bigger than homecoming it was about overcoming. the 16-year-old says she almost didn't join the homecoming court friday night at her high school in northern michigan. >> you want it up? >> reporter: when crupp herd she had been nominated she was thrilled. even posting on face book in the homecoming court. a little nervous but this is going to be fun. then cropp learned it was all a cruel joke that the so-called popular kids at ogemaw heights high school thought it would be fun nae to choose her. cropp said she was beyond humiliated telling a local stationen saginaw, the subs q - station in saginaw, the subsequent bullying intensified.
3:27 am
local business owners encouraged her to embrace the title providing a dress, hair styling, makeup, shoes, dinner for the big night. there are now more than 120,000 likes on a support whitney face book page. in an interview airing tuesday, cropp and her mother say they hope this story inspires students to stick up for one another. >> normally, to me, i go with my heart and my gut. do this and show them what you are worth. >> there may be kids out there who have liked at her, seen her story, said i can do that too. >> reporter: as for friday night, cropp walked out on to the field with more than 1,000 cheering supporters including some from the opposing team. >> i have no word for this right now. >> reporter: though cropp wasn't crowned homecoming queen she turned what was a prank into a moment to shine. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> upsets you kids can be that cruel. seen that how many times. how cool that she rose above all
3:28 am
the stuff. awesome. >> rose above it and turned it back on them. i hope
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- it's down to the wire in denver. preparing for their first debate. >> president obama and mitt romney are off theampaign trail today as they get ready to face off tomorrow night. it's tuesday, october 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. good to see you back. >> good to be back. >> uh-huh. >> you had fun in baltimore. back together. you had good time in baltimore. i had a good time in new orleans and now we are back at the desk. >> i was feeling it yesterday. you are feeling it today. >> running on fumes. that is for sure. i like the glasses -- something different.
3:31 am
>> took him about 20 minutes. and then he was like something is different. >> i'm tired. >> glasses. my eyes are -- just -- significantly regressing. >> it happens in your 60s. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. in a moment, a look at how each candidate will try to score points at the big debate tomorrow night. also this half-hour, an amtrak train with 169 passengers collides with a big rig and then derails and passengers and eyewitnesses are describing the chaos that followed. then a peanut butter recall. spreads even more so. more than 100 items. some that might be in your home right now are being linked to a salmonella outbreak. >> products that use the peanut butter. bigger than you think. stay tuned for that. later in the half-hour are scientologists bending the rules for tom cruise? the insider who says cruise is getting special treatment when it comes to seeing suri. that's coming up in "the skinny." the drama continues for tom. five weeks until the
3:32 am
election. one day before the crucial presidential debate. >> both candidates working on their last minute preparations for their first face-off tomorrow night. abc's karen travers is joining us this morning with a preview of the debate. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. it's been very quiet on the campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney hunkers down and prepares for wednesday's debate. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows a very tight race. both campaigns see tomorrow night as a big opportunity. >> reporter: this presidential campaign has been going on for nearly two years, and finally it's debate season for the nominees. the time when americans seem to really start paying attention. president obama's rehearsing with senator john kerry and mitt romney is squaring off against senator rob portman. both candidates have challenges and checklists. president obama is working on shorter answers, trying to avoid sounding like the professor he was before the white house.
3:33 am
democrats say he needs to look strong and forceful and not appear irritated or impatient. >> they're trying to get him into the mode of being able to answer questions, short, concisely and to the point so it is much more like his mannerisms and his style and the way he comes across, as opposed to information in this. >> reporter: and mitt romney? he has to seem relatable after his 47% comments. how can he do that? show compassion. show he is competent. and connect with voters. >> on those three cs that's where he really has got to do well. >> reporter: romney arrived in colorado to continue his debate prep but took a brief break to rally supporters. >> what an honor? what a welcome? what a colorado welcome. thank you so much. >> reporter: the president also took a break with a visit to a nevada campaign office. >> hi, this is barack obama. how are you? [ laughter ] >> a new abc news, "washington post" poll found that 56% expect the president to win the debates. lowered expectations could be good for romney. if he turns in a strong debate
3:34 am
performance, his campaign can boast of a big win and leave denver with some momentum. rob, paula. back to you. >> thank you, karen. >> 90 minutes. to give you a little bit of background on this particular debate. it is the first one. it will be moderated by jim lehrer, host of pbs's "newshour." they'll have 15 minutes. ask a question, two minutes to respond. jake tapper pointed out on "world news." the president a little loquacious. one of his responses to jake was five minutes. got to cut that down. >> the media, we are guilty of this. we cover the horse race. we cover -- the one-liners or awkward moments. >> zingers. >> people watch, i hope millions tune in tu watch, they pay attention to the substance how the two men differ in policies as opposed to who looked nervous, who had a little bit of sweat, who gave the quirk y one-liner. >> check on the watch. >> yeah, hopefully people focus on the stuff that matters. we'll see. we'll see. in pennsylvania big day today, there will be a vote on
3:35 am
voter id law. could still be appealed, to the state supreme court here. we have seen that play out in different states around the country. virginia, ohio. so as just a few weeks out starting to see some of the judges take action one way or the other. how it is going to turn out. pennsylvania pay attention to that today. >> early voting begins in ohio today. as well. >> indeed. getting closer and closer. tomorrow night's live debate coverage starts at 9:00 eastern here on abc news. later in this half-hour, cool story, here, how candidates learn from past debate mistakes in order to win. investigators will be on the scene of an amtrak train derailment in california's central valley today. that's where the train's locomotive and two passenger cars came off the rails yesterday after colliding with a big-rig truck. officials want to know how fast the train and truck were traveling at the time of that collision. at least 20 people were injured. >> just started fishtailing and then it just ground to a real fast halt. people were screaming. >> i've seen a lady over there with a broken arm. there is about, a 3-month,
3:36 am
4-month-old baby, covered in whatever was in the back of the diesel truck. >> they don't have seatbelts in amtrak trains either. after the amtrak derailment, a second accident took place nearby. that one involved a freight train and a tractor-trailer. police said the truck driver suffered major injuries. american airlines is back under the microscope this morning with federal investigators looking into why passengers' seats came loose during flights twice in just the past three days. both planes were boeing 757s. the faa says they recently had maintenance work with the seats taken out and then reinstalled american in bankruptcy is locked in a dispute with its pilots and mechanics. honda recalling one of the best selling cars because of a fire hazard. 600,000 accords sold in the u.s. and canada may have defective power steering hoses fluid could leak and then cause fires. the recall for accords with v-6
3:37 am
engines 2003 to '07 model years. repairs will be made free of charge. dealers may not have all the parts needed until next year. savvy car thieves are no longer relying on breaking windows or jimmying locks. they have gone high-tech. they have found a way to again access to a car by cracking the code to the security system. surveillance camera in chicago captures this thief in action. he simply walks by the car, unlocks it, wirelessly, allowing him to rummage for valuables. >> we believe that -- this code grabbing technology was utilized. we are looking into it and investigating it. kind of an elusive crime to report. for us to even take note of in the first place. >> older cars are especially vulnerable to this crime. the new ones are equipped with technology that constantly changes the key code making signals that are harder to copy. wireless signal experts think that they have cracked those security codes. so they're able to send the same unlock signal that an owner's key transmitter uses. frightening.
3:38 am
>> some detectives think there could be an app out there that these thieves are using to unlock the car. scary. always a good and down side to technology. this could be another case. a first. at first people just thought, "oh, must not have locked the car. must have left it open." then when they saw more and more cases crop up. they said, "wait a minute. something is going on here." be careful. >> yeah, disconcerting get in your car, no visible signs. >> no smashed window. >> get in my car, an old stroller, maybe a couple bags, old clothes. take the french fries that have been in between the seats for the last three months. >> you know you still eat those. >> every now and then my son does. >> eat it. your tuesday forecast, everybody. we have severe storms with gusty winds and hail from cincinnati to pittsburgh. lexington. showers with peeks of sunshine from new york to d.c. thunderstorms in the carolinas, georgia, and florida. and more record heat in the southwest. 102 in phoenix. 94, sacramento.
3:39 am
mostly 80s in the rockies. upper 60s and 70s from midwest into the east coast. monday night football, it was the bears visiting the cowboys. dallas qb tony romo only failed to complete seven passes, unfortunately though, five of his completions were made by chicago defenders. >> bad, uh-huh. >> we call those interceptions. there were a-plenty. >> two returned for touchdowns. the bears' offense, not bad. jay cutler connected on 11 of 12 -- some are calling this the, the best game he had in a really long time. 11 of 12. second-half passes including two touchdowns. the bears win. and a stroll in dallas, 34-18. the bears, the bears are 3-1. who would have thought the bears would be 3-1. packers 2-2, division rivalry right there. the saints are 1-2, 0-4 teams this year. >> it's painful.
3:40 am
i was in the city to watch the game. could have won. looked better. an ugly game. >> missed a field goal. >> i know. i know. i was there. watching it it was painful. some viewers, wrote on facebook. they see your chicago jersey, but you are a native of michigan where is lot -- where is the love for the tigers? >> you mean the lions? >> the lions. i mean -- i am fresh back. >> here's the quick -- the quick story on that. >> quick, yeah. >> i was a lions' fan, and then wayne fontz, one of the head coaches for the lions when he ran barry sanders into the ground, barry sanders was like no more of this. i was like -- no more. >> there is a history there. i didn't know myself. i was curious. >> i lived, worked in ohio for 12 years. lived and worked in chicago for six years. covered bears/bengals. >> there we go. i was just curious. you fully answered. >> curious? >> curious. >> coming up -- what steven colbert revealed about himself to oprah winfrey. >> the widespread peanut butter recall, what you need to know about it before you harm yourself or your family. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now"
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more than 100 brand of peanut more than 100 brands of peanut butter and other nut products are being recalled this morning in a salmonella scare. >> at least 30 people, many of them kids, have gotten sick. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: what is especially frightening is that most of the people who have gotten sick from the recalled peanut butter are children under the age of 10. >> i am concerned.
3:45 am
i love peanut butter. >> you don't know what you are getting. it is very scary. >> reporter: this began with one brand of sea salt peanut butter at trader joe's, but the recall has cleared peanut butter aisles at kroger, whole food and target. investigators have traced the trouble to sunland incorporated, a peanut butter manufacturer in new mexico that sells products in grocery stores across the country. the list of recalled products is 101 items long and includes nut butters made with almonds, cashews and sesame seeds. and it gets worse -- companies like oregon ice cream, and fairy tale brownies which used the recalled nut butter to make cookies and baked goods they're now recalling their products too. >> people have been getting sick over the last month. because there is often a two week delay or so in the reporting time we expect to hear about cases for the next week or two. >> reporter: we should make clear none of this affects moms who choose jiff, skippy or other main brands. we talked with the managers at the peanut butter company in new
3:46 am
mexico. they told us they test their product every half-hour, their peanut butter is safe and that the illnesses are a mystery. steve osunsami, abc news. >> affects so many people. we have -- a closet full of peanut butter. >> all right, scary. >> have to get rid of. >> and wondering -- diarrhea, fever, cramping, some of the signs out there. go to our web site. check out find a full list of all the products being recalled. affects more than just traditional peanut butter. >> it might not affect you until two weeks from now. as well, those side effects manifest themselves slowly. >> slowly. all right. coming up next, let's lighten the mood a little bit. we do have some serious news, stephen colbert in "the skinny," talks about his personal life, details folks may not know about opened up to oprah. >> tom cruise, parenting issues and what the scientologists are doing about it. it's all next in "the skinny". >> announcer: abc's "world news no
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome back, everybody. well the church of scientology, scientologists are upset with tom cruise saying he is getting preferential treatment within the church. according to the church once a family member or spouse has left the church of scientology, katie holmes and her daughter have
3:49 am
returned to the catholic church. they are supposed to shun them. instantly. yes, which i find a little bizarre. he said he wouldn't be allowed to see or maintain communication with katie or suri because they're no longer in the church of scientology. a former scientologist and ex-president of the celebrity center said they bent the rules for tom. he hasn't actually been seen in public with his daughter in over seven weeks. some people are starting to speculate is he adhering to the new rules or not? but people in his camp are saying he is off shooting movies. something that was normal for him to do. before the split even happened. >> i would hate to think he would pick religion over his daughter. that would seem -- kind of crazy. stephen colbert sat down with oprah winfrey "oprah's next chapter." kind of gave a somber interview. i love his show. i didn't know the personal details of his upbringing. he at the age of 10 years old, lost his father and two older brothers when they
3:50 am
all died in a plane crash in north carolina in 1974. he goes on to tell oprah he didn't grieve until he got to college, college freshman lost 50 pound that year. just couldn't deal with it at the time. just 10 years old. when this happened. didn't deal with it until years later. and went through, i didn't know how to grieve. finally, it did hit him. he was able to deal with it. he has a book coming out the reason he gave the interview. very different side of colbert than the guy right there that we are used to seeing. fascinating interview with him. check that out and the book. >> serious side to him. i am a big fan of him. even though he made fun of me several times. >> oh. >> yeah which stories i did. yeah. >> really? >> anyway, "dancing with the stars" a little recap. didn't get a chance to watch it last night. here is basically what happened. right there, earning some of the higher scores of the evening.
3:51 am
as well as sabrina. and kirstie alley and max not so good. and bristol palin, danced to" redneck woman." the dancers with the lowest scores, and judge's scores combined, they will be voted off tonight. shawn johnson and derek hough doing well. >> are you following the season? >> not really. i watched a little bit of that before we watched it. >> paris jackson. michael jackson's beautiful daughter. tweeted an interesting picture. try to figure what it means. apparently got a very drastic haircut. >> is that her? >> that its her with very heavy eye makeup and shorter hair. based upon tweets, people are debating whether she donated her hair to cancer charity or something like that or whether it was a wig and kind of, just her way of trying to make headlines. of course it looks a lot like miley cyrus who chopped off a lot of her hair you, see there. people trying to figure out what is going on with paris these days?
3:52 am
was it publicity thing? donate it? what is going on? but, a little hard to tell. i don't get that one. >> think i should do that? >> no. no. >> the glasses, enough change you may not even notice it. >> i think glasses are sexy. you're watching "world news [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet, a better clean doesn't have to take longer.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. with the first presidential debate tomorrow night in denver, it's a good time to look back at previous debates and how past candidates perform. >> indeed, and what we find is the art of debate often comes done to more than just getting the fact right. abc's john donvan breaks down the ways to win. >> reporter: 28 times since 1960, plus vice presidentials and primaries without a single moment of rhetorical greatness but plenty of lessons on how to survive one of these things.
3:56 am
lesson one, prescript your zingers carefully. you think this was spontaneous? reagan to carter. >> there you go again. >> reporter: so was this. benson to dan quayle. >> i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> reporter: lesson two, think spelling bee. memorize every possible answer. mistakes will define you forever. don't get the obvious stuff wrong. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe. >> reporter: have a plan to handle bizarro curveball questions. >> if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered -- >> reporter: mr. dukakis, governor, answered the death penalty question with policy talk. >> i think there are better and mr. effective ways -- >> reporter: which did not go well for him. which lead to lesson three. appearances count above all. jfk, tan. nixon just out of the hospital, pale. refusing proquestional make --
3:57 am
refusing professional makeup. reagan's people fussed more over his than mondale's did over his. reagan always had a glass of wean just before going on to get rosie cheeks. lesson four, real debate sowing -- lesson four, real debating, so far after 52 years, not actually required here. so relax. learn your lines. don't sneak in a look at your wristwatch. because that will definitely hurt you. beside, 90 minutes and you are done. possibly for good. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> possibly for good. nice line there. >> that's how rob gets his cheeks nice and rosie. takes it from the old gipper. >> nice, glass of wine, relaxes you, gives you the blush. it works. i think there is so much choreography that goes behind the debates. it really is fascinating what a made-for-tv event they have become since 1960 when they first started nixon/kennedy. >> i imagine you would be a great debater. >> go ahead and say it. >> no. >> a joke you, know you want to say it. >> not going to go there. >> yeah. more from abc coming up next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
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